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Express Entry

If you are looking to work in Canada but don't have a job offer from a Canadian Employer; Express Entry program might be right for you. Contact us to evaluate your Education credentials, job experience, English score, and adaptability to see if you are eligible.

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Immigration Assessment Report

As there are over 60+ Canadian Immigration programs, it can be difficult to know which programs fits your needs and wants. Contact to us to asses your qualification and see which program is best for you.

Super Visa - Parents

Super Visa allows your parents or grandparents visit you for 2 years instead of the 6 months (Visitor visa). Message us for more information ! 

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Canada Immigration
Can I Immigrate to Canada?

When considering this question is important to assess your skills, wants, and needs. Please contact us to ensure you are aware of all the possible barriers that might prevent you from immigrating to Canada.

How do I know which documents I need?

Our team will ensure that you have included all the necessary and supporting documents to give you the best chance for approval.

How long is the process for my application?

It depends on which Immigration program you are interested in. Please check this link to see the approximate time. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/check-processing-times.html

How can I can contact you?

You can contact by email, phone, or by person.
Phone: 4036186518
Email: Info@5oceansimmigration.com
Address:  Unit 134, 3700 westwind dr NE